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The first residents of Daviess County, Indiana were Native Americans.  At the time of European explorations and settlement, at least two Piankeshaw villages were located in in Daviess County.  Missinguemeschium, known to European settlers as “Owl Town”, was located about a mile northwest of the town of Elnora.  A smaller Piankeshaw village known to European setters as “Bushwood”  was located about four miles north of Washington.  The Piankeshaw were a branch of the Miami.  Around 1750, a small Delaware (Leni Lenapi) village was located near the junction of the East and West Forks of the White River in Veale Township.  

Settlers of European descent began to move into the Daviess County area sometime between 1790 and 1800.  It is generally accepted that the first European settlers were the family of William Ballow.  Ballow settled near present day Alfordsville sometime between 1795 and 1801.  By 1803, David Flora had established a trading post in what would become Washington. The town of Washington was established in 1816.  Other incorporated commuinties in Daviess County are Raglesville (est. 1837), Odon (est. 1846), Plainville (est. about 1850), Montgomery (est. 1854), and Elnora (est. 1885).   Alfordsville, Cornettsville, Epsom, Glendale, Hudsonville, and Maysville are unincorporated communities.


Daviess County’s economy is rooted on agriculture, agribusiness, coal mining, commerce, railroad, and industry.  A new microchip production facility at the WestGate Tech Park will be under construction in the summer of 2023.   The Daviess County Airport also plans to begin construction on runway expansion in the summer of 2023.  Major transportation routes through the county include Interstate 69, and national highways, U.S. 50, and U.S. 231.  Railroads include CSX (east-west) and the Indiana Southern (north-south).  


Daviess County has a population of 33,411 (2022 estimate).  90% of the population is White, 6% is Hispanic/Latino, and 3% are black.   Daviess County is also home to Indiana’s 4th largest Amish community(7th largest nationally), located mainly in the east central section of the county.  

Notable Residents

Daviess County is proud to have been the home of two Medal of Honor recipients, Pvt. Richard Taylor (Civil War, Battle of Cedar Creek) and Lt. Col. Don Carlos Faith, Jr. (Korean War, Chosin Reservoir): along with  other prominent Daviess County natives, Judge David McDonald, first law professor at Indiana University: U.S. Senator Homer Capehart: aviation pioneer Roderick Wright, Sr.: David DeJernett (member of the first racially integrated state championship team in the United States and one of the first African Americans to play for an NCAA racially integrated team at Indiana Central: Chuck Harmon, first African American to play for the Cincinnati Reds, U.S. Representative Arthur Greenwood:  Judge John Hastings of the 7th U.S. Court of Appeals: Adm. John Poindexter: deputy Undersecretary of the Army, Col. Arthur Allen,jr.: and Lt General Anthony Jones.