Personal Property of Inmates

An arrestee's clothes, shoes, hats, coats, etc. are stored in a numbered property tote. This property will not be signed out unless the arrestee is awaiting transport to the Department of Corrections.

An arrestee's valuable personal property, like cell phones, wallets, credit or ID cards, jewelry, etc are sealed in a seperate bag in front of the arrestee at the time of booking. This property is referred to as "Lock-up" property because it is "locked-up" securely for the entirety of an arrestee's stay at the Daviess County Sheriff's Department. 

An arrestee's "Lock-up" property may be signed out to a friend or family member at the request of the arrestee. The "Lock-up" property will not be opened or separated, all contents must be signed out. The receiving party must produce a valid picture ID before the property will be released.