Strategic Response Unit


Daviess County Strategic Response Unit (SRU) is similar in nature to a SWAT Team or Emergency Response Team.


The SRU consists of Adam Hunt, Troy Fuhs, JR Crew, Mark Bledsoe, Steve Sturgis, Keith Hinderliter, Aaron Harbstreit and Deven Shake. Back in 2013, the 8 Deputies who are on the team decided that there was real need for this on our Department.

We have many capable and well-trained deputies in this Department; however, the simple fact is that there are just some situations that the 2 or 3 Deputies on duty with basic road officer equipment cannot safely and adequately handle by themselves.


This team was started with the goal of being highly capable of handling any situation that may arise in this county by not only having the equipment necessary but also the training to do so. We also had the goal that we wanted to do this ourselves. The 8 deputies sat down and came up with training schedules, prerequisites, physical standards, and guidelines.

Efforts & Training of

Since September 2013 we have trained every week. We have been able to send team members to Sniper School, Hostage Negotiating School, and SWAT School, and have a certified instructor in Less Lethal and Chemical Munitions. We have made a PT Test that all team members are required to past twice a year as well as Firearm qualifications on all weapons that we are issued. Both the PT standards and the Firearm standards are above and beyond the requirements of the “average” officer.

We are trained and can handle any situation that may arise in this county and that may include but is definitely not limited to, Hostage Situation, Barricaded Subject, Active Shooter, High-Risk Warrant Service, School Shootings, Suicidal Subjects with weapons, Riots and so many more unknown situations that may arise.