Probation Office

Logo picturing balanced set of scales


The Probation Department serves the Daviess County Circuit and Superior Courts through the preparation of Pre-sentence Investigation Reports, Juvenile Preliminary Inquiries, and supervision of felony, misdemeanor, and juvenile offenders. The Department also provides services or refers probation clients to the appropriate persons to support their rehabilitation.


The mission of the Daviess County Probation Department is to provide necessary services to the offender to aid in reducing criminal and delinquent behavior while balancing the needs of the offender and ensuring the safety of the community. Probation is a profession which requires fundamental knowledge of the law, sentencing alternatives, human services, and community protection.


  1. The Probation Department shall strive to assist offenders residing in Daviess County, Indiana to become productive, contributing members of society without enabling the offender.
  2. The Probation Department shall strive to promote community safety by assisting the offender in improving their education and social responsibility.
  3. The Probation Department shall strive to reduce recidivism by providing logical consequences for inappropriate behavior, in addition to providing programming for offenders or making appropriate referrals to other agencies which facilitate and encourage law abiding behavior.
  4. The Probation Department shall strive to assure that victims will be compensated and that their needs and/or concerns are addressed.
  5. The Probation Department shall strive to promote staff safety by providing information and opportunities for education and training.
  6. The Probation Department shall strive to ensure that staff receives training and continuing education in order to enhance services provided to offenders.